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Grant MacEwan Community College Oral History


Explore a selected history of Grant MacEwan Community college through the voices of staff and students who experienced the community college years, 1971-1999.


Collective Memory and Society

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Digital exhibit developed by students in Sociology 402: Collective Memory and Society over the winter 2022 term that explores various aspects of the social dimensions of memory. 


Local Narratives: The Lives, Legacies, and Locales of Edmonton's Ukrainian Canadian Community

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Local Narratives celebrates, documents, and preserves the experiential knowledge of members of the Ukrainian community in Edmonton. It is composed of oral histories, narrative text, and photographs that enrich existing archives with information that would not otherwise be documented. This website showcases the stories of those that built and fostered Ukrainiаn education, scholarship at the secondary and postsecondary levels, have worked and volunteered with Ukrainian community organizations, and contributed to the development of political, economic, and cultural life in Edmonton, Alberta, and nationwide.