Tournament of Aces Golf Tournament, fundraiser 1991

A memorable event ...a standing-room-only meeting between GMCC and NAIT staff and administration emphasizing that there would be no overlapping of the curricula and that GMCC's primary concerns were sciences, humanities, business, and service-related programs, not technology related programming – Karl Homann

One of the things that I appreciated about MacEwan in those early days is that we offered programming that nobody else offered in the way that we offered it, and it really created a uniqueness. I think one of the things too that was a part of that history was the fact that we … invited [all students] to come to MacEwan – Chery Ann Hoffmeyer

I was impressed by how the college organized itself. It seemed to be almost an organic process as to how classes got set up and spaces could be shared. There was a spirit of helpfulness - that people wanted to help these programs roll out – Brenda Heffernan

[Grant MacEwan] was just the most phenomenally quiet man. He loved libraries and books, so if you were in that course, he would spend ages talking to you. They used to have chili cookoffs and so they had to do a vegetarian one because Grant was vegetarian. I remember those days with great fondness – Merle Harris

Mill Woods campus was a friendly, informal place. You could engage with your students in the cafeteria - very much this notion of you are a collaborator. You are an inspiration. You got to know your students. You worked with your students – David Hannis

We spent a lot of time – hard work, but that staff spent a lot of time having a good time together. It was a very close-knit staff back from the start, and I remember things like the ski trips and the Mad Hatter’s Ball and things along that line that stood out not only as something that we enjoyed but we looked forward to every year – Terry Flannigan


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