Student Handbook, 1971

My proudest achievement? I think starting the Students’ Association was probably one of the proudest moments – Frank Wilkins

We were small enough then that a lot of people knew each other from all kinds of different parts of the college but also small enough that something like skit night where people came up with these skits lampooning various aspects of the college that people got the joke – Alan Vladicka

I think it's a rare opportunity to be part of a new institution. I am very thankful that I was there for that time. It's different than coming into an institution that's established. Yes, that's exciting, and you come into a new job, and you grow. But to be part of a post-secondary institution from its beginning was very exhilarating for me. We were the new kid on the block. We had to prove ourselves and which everybody helped to do – Sharon Schnell 

I think that the opportunities that came with the result of going to Grant MacEwan have been very good for me. I’ve been very successful because of that education and very happy with it – Brenda Service 

Best memories as a student – the friends that I met in the program, especially one who lived beside me in the neighbourhood of Ritchie. We would take the bus together. The friendships, the knowledge I gained about libraries – Sandra Plouffe

You know, it was a small institution serving hundreds of people not, thousands, so it was a very welcoming environment. I would say a rather innovative environment, very flexible, very strong relationships, and outreach with the community – Roman Petryshyn

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