Community Collaboration: Project DIASPORA 

Project DIASPORA is a collaboration between the Ukrainian production company Parallel Studio, the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre (URDC), and the broader Ukrainian community across Canada. Parallel Studio is an international production company and creative hub aimed at drawing attention to Ukraine and global Ukrainian community life, and the diversity of Ukrainian culture both within and outside Ukraine.

In October 2021, filmmakers from Parallel Studio were hosted by URDC as they interviewed and filmed members of the Ukrainian Community in Edmonton, Toronto, and across Canada. During their stop in Edmonton, Parallel Studio filmed Dr. Olenka Bilash, professor, University of Alberta, and Darka Tarnawsky, Executive Director, Shumka Ukrainian Dancers.

Click here to watch the full episode. Note that the episode is in Ukrainian. 

Dr. Olenka Bilash is a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta, the director of the Ukrainian Language Education Centre, and the president of the Ukrainian Foundation for College Education. Bilash was interviewed by Hennadii Popenko about Ukrainian language education in Edmonton and Canada more broadly, second language education in a global context, her family history, and community life.

Click here to watch the full episode. Note that the episode is in Ukrainian. 

Darka Tarnawsky is the founding director of Bottom Line Productions and the Executive Director of Shumka Ukrainian Dancers—one of the largest Ukrainian dance companies in Canada. Tarnawsky was interviewed by Hennadii Popenko about the history of Shumka Ukrainian Dancers, the importance of community collaboration, her family history, and how Ukrainian dance has been welcomed and integrated into the broader arts scene within the city of Edmonton—attracting dancers not only of Ukrainian descent.